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  1. Stuarts

    Moto GP

    Did anyone see today's race? Wow - now that's racing!
  2. Great choice. Best thing to do is pick some good roads, fill it up, jump in and drive til you've emptied the tank. The more you drive them (like air cooled's) the better your feel for the car. Don't forget to put your car details on your profile on the club website - then I can keep you up to date on whats on. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks for the offer, but that's a bit of a schlep, right across the other side of London. I guess it'll be a knackered old 924 seat of ebay - if I can find one fairly local!
  4. Gents, I've been talked into doing some Sporting Bears charity rides. I need to loose the passenger fixed rally seat for a folding standard (to get an extra person in the back). If anyone has a cheap old passenger seat - or would even lend one for a couple of months, please let me know - I'll get a cheap cover for it anyway, so a bit of wear/damage isn't an issue. Cheers
  5. Cheers guys, It's only a weep. maybe a few drops after being parked up after a run - when thoroughly warmed, and, from memory, it's been like it for a while. The motor now has 147K on it, and from what I can deduce from the little history, it's never had a full rebuilt (suspect it's had a top end 'refresh' at some point). Think I'll just carry on driving and monitoring it - and will try and see if it is coming from somewhere above. Watch this space...........
  6. Gents (and Ladies), I've got a serious weep from the bottom of the clutch release fork lever. Can this been sorted in-situ easily enough at home? or is it a PITA job lying underneath a car, better being done by a suitable garage?
  7. Thanks Chris, Great photos.
  8. I thought it was a good attempt for a first meet. There were some really nice cars - as usual. Had a great chat with Josh Sadler (Autofarm founder), he really liked my car, which was a great compliment. Chris, great pics, did you get anymore pics of RUF 430?
  9. Yep, there were some nice cars as usual. This is the GTA Alfa on the Friday. Bloody grim weather and a few 'offs' in every practice session.
  10. I've had my 997.1 C2S for 18 months now, I specifically looked for a gen 1 with a reputable engine rebuild (mine was done by Autofarm - and hotted up at the time, but that's a different story). I must say that it's the best car I've ever owned (closely followed by an E30 M3). They do still feel like a 911 - but more refined and can be properly hustled through the lanes. I use mine (nearly) daily and it never misses a beat. Just keep the revs down when cold and up when warm. You're more than welcome to come and have a chat & drive in mine - oh, by the way, I'm now the 997 Register Secretary for PCGB
  11. I'm going up tomorrow - in the 997 though. I'm going to VW Stanford Hall on Sunday in the 911 if anybody else is going to that?
  12. I'm booked in. Will be going in the Red Shed now it's on the road!
  13. Here are the pics of the inside:
  14. Sorry, I didn't get to the garage for the inner picture - will definitely be done today. And yes, it is significantly lighter!
  15. No, but I can get one for this evening. It looks very much like a standard bonnet - with same structure/bracing .
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