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  1. So, after the sale of my car, I have all this lot left in my garage. I've just started a new job and haven't the time to sell off individually, this is a job lot, I will NOT be selling off parts individually, I just don't have the time. What you see is what you get (and some other small boxes of misc parts that I'm to dig out). Wings - steel, the NS was new with my rebuild, the OS is the cars original and had a small repair under the headlight nine years ago (fully cut-out and replaced with fresh metal). There are a pair of lightweight bumper blades - and originals, with all the front & rear bumper fittings including rear reflector. Original SC heating unit (was fully working), door trims, rear seats, mint glovebox lid, pair of 7x15 Cookies, flag mirrors (I think I have another pair too), new brake hoses, CV joints, braided HT leads, F&R roll bars (with new drop links) & misc trim bits, along with many other useful bits & pieces - oh, and a SC steering wheel in great condition (not shown). The only parts not included in the sale are the original Marchal bonnet lights. £1500 for the lot - £1700 with Marchal lights. Ideal for someone starting out on a restoration project. I have only advertised on here at present, and will put on DDK in a few days, then the dreaded fleabay
  2. Manual - nice light clutch and very slick box
  3. Big reduction, as I've now got a new estate - £500. Only issues since original posting, is drivers side central locking works 50% of the time - and front drop-links are creaking again! (common on these but a very easy fix). A great cheap runner!
  4. Ah yes, very poor of me, the cold air ventilation blower - slider switches
  5. Hmmm, Just about to hand my car over to the new owner and on a final check through at my garage, the heater controls have no power - screen blower not working! Any suggestions as to what it could be? Cabling all seems ok. Cheers
  6. I've significantly reduced the price, as I need to sell to purchase my house in France. The double irony is that Classic Porsche Mag used the car for a great photoshoot for a future article - one of the pictures below. All as per the original ad, but price dropped to £46K
  7. A pair of Marshall bonnet/hood lights, excellent condition. Unfortunately, no covers. £200 inc. mainland postage
  8. A pair of pretty rare Marshall spot lights, complete with original covers. £150 inc. mainland postage.
  9. FOR SALE - 1979 SC RS Rep backdate Oh, the irony, my car is featured in this months PP (and an article on me on the back page), and as soon as that happens, due to the purchase of a house in France, it looks like I'm going to have to sell my car 😞 https://www.porscheclubgb.com/news-and-events/news/2019/august/gallery-silverstone-classic-2019 Here goes........ 1979 911 SC Originally supplied by AFN with a fully stamped up service book, all work carried out by either AFN, Charles Ivey and RUF back in Germany – quite a history! I have spoken to RUF in the UK, and given when the car was sent to RUF Germany (in 1982), they say it was most probably for their 3.1 conversion – I have written to RUF Germany for their written confirmation and am awaiting their response. It certainly pulls like no other SC I’ve driven (and that was before all the weight loss!). The car did also come with a RUF exhaust (though that’s been changed because of the two out Turbo Thomas stainless tubular manifolds and RSR exhaust) I have a massive folder and album of all the work that has been carried out on the car since I’ve owned it, and it’s pretty well known on here. It was extensively modified when I purchased it – Though I have just about all the original parts – including wings, bonnet, bumpers, door cards etc - and boxes full of spares, which may be included in the price . So much work has been carried out since I’ve owned the car: · Body restoration – photos off all the work done · Windows out respray (original Guards Red car) – all original glass – with reg number etched · RS back-date done with top quality Getty kevlar panels (v.light too!) · Engine/box out full service · Full pedal box rebuild · Full suspension rebuild – adj. front strut brace, lightly uprated bushes & roll bars and 27mm hollow rear torsen bars and adjustable rear drop-links · Bespoke full front sump guard from Henry · Lightweight interior, period 370mm Momo with quick release and period rally trip meter and Heuer clock (which will go subject to final received price) · Safety Devices rear roll cage – rear seats still fitted (for my kids) with proper reel seat belts · Heater backdate · Lightweight indicator units · Full-length internal fuel lines replaced · New brake lines, calipers refurbed & braided hoses · New Campagnolo Grp4 7 & 8 x 15’s with new Toyo Proxes all-round It is considerably lighter than standard – c.950kg now – as weighed at Northampton Motorsport – who corner weighted & set-up the suspension (set up nicely for fast road/track/sprinting & hill climbing.- - It’s an absolute hoot to drive! £55K ovno - PRICE DROP TO £46k If interested, please call for a chat on 07881 907890 (or leave a message if it goes to voicemail). Stuart
  10. Great choice. Best thing to do is pick some good roads, fill it up, jump in and drive til you've emptied the tank. The more you drive them (like air cooled's) the better your feel for the car. Don't forget to put your car details on your profile on the club website - then I can keep you up to date on whats on. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for the offer, but that's a bit of a schlep, right across the other side of London. I guess it'll be a knackered old 924 seat of ebay - if I can find one fairly local!
  12. Gents, I've been talked into doing some Sporting Bears charity rides. I need to loose the passenger fixed rally seat for a folding standard (to get an extra person in the back). If anyone has a cheap old passenger seat - or would even lend one for a couple of months, please let me know - I'll get a cheap cover for it anyway, so a bit of wear/damage isn't an issue. Cheers
  13. Cheers guys, It's only a weep. maybe a few drops after being parked up after a run - when thoroughly warmed, and, from memory, it's been like it for a while. The motor now has 147K on it, and from what I can deduce from the little history, it's never had a full rebuilt (suspect it's had a top end 'refresh' at some point). Think I'll just carry on driving and monitoring it - and will try and see if it is coming from somewhere above. Watch this space...........
  14. Gents (and Ladies), I've got a serious weep from the bottom of the clutch release fork lever. Can this been sorted in-situ easily enough at home? or is it a PITA job lying underneath a car, better being done by a suitable garage?

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