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  1. Here are the pics of the inside:
  2. Sorry, I didn't get to the garage for the inner picture - will definitely be done today. And yes, it is significantly lighter!
  3. No, but I can get one for this evening. It looks very much like a standard bonnet - with same structure/bracing .
  4. Bump. Bonnet still available.
  5. Thanks guys. Is getting a scrap 928 wheel the only way to get the boss?
  6. Am I dreaming, or is there a way of converting a 924 three spoke wheel to a 911? Cheers
  7. I believe this is an early 915 shifter. In great condition, £200 + postage (or can be collected from Northampton)
  8. A really nice, very light bonnet for an impact bumper car, in primer. Has two holes drilled for bonnet pins - that could easily be filled if needed. £125 collected from Northampton
  9. Love that the video is 9.17 😄
  10. Thanks, yes, I know, I'm working on the car doing the backdate at the moment
  11. Cheers. Nice, but at £650!!!!! (Plus VAT I guess)
  12. Fitted mine this morning. Great bit of kit and fitted like a dream. Many thanks. Just need to sort a rear one similar. Any ideas?
  13. Stuarts


    Cheers for the replies and thoughts. The reality is that I'm not really a great lover of big 4x4s but though that the Cayenne might be a bit different. It isn't though, and I'm going to get a sensible old Merc or BM estate.
  14. Stuarts


    Hmm, I've been looking around for a cheap big family lugger, I was looking at the usual old Merc/BM's, then suddenly started thinking about old Cayennes. Not the prettiest car ever made, and I guess a bit thirsty (but I don't do many miles). Has anyone experience of them/top tips to look out for? Cheers
  15. Sounds like a good plan! Cheers guys, helpful as ever 😀 On a similar vane, what did you do about the rear number plate lights?
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