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  1. I bought a 2003 996 gen 2 C2 manual just over 2 years ago - purely to squirrel away and then sell when the prices sky-rocketed .. which they didn't 😞 I used to use it once a week just to keep it ticking over and then found myself using it more and more ... to the extent I have decided not to sell it and now use daily for my 20 mile commute to work leaving my 4x4 at home instead . A quick change of wheels and some covers for the headlamps ( the shape and style was never to my taste ) together with a dateless plate and I am happy with the result. Its agile , quick enough and, I think , more enjoyable to drive than a lot of new cars for a very reasonable price . I could sell tomorrow for what I paid for it so its a win win situation in my opinion. I will be the first to admit I had previously never been a fan of the 996 but have definitely changed my mind .....
  2. This popped up on You-Tube ...... Luft 6 looked pretty amazing ... obviously not a patch on Luftgekuhlt GB in Rainy Bicester last year Worth a watch ( with sound muted ) if you have a spare 18:03
  3. My wife had a 997.1 tiptronic 4s ( 3 years) and now has a 997.2 pdk 4s (4 years) . She uses her car every day for work etc and both have been very reliable . No borescore or IMS problems with the gen 1 and , although I was not overkeen on the tiptronic ,it was fine for her . My daily car is a Gen 2 996 C2 manual and , again , no borescore symptoms and IMS hasnt failed ( currently 104000 miles) Genuinly think the whole IMS issue has been really overhyped . That said when i replace clutch in the 996 I feel pressured into having an IMS solution fitted to ease resale when its time to move it on . Went for an "s" for the wider body look that I prefer . The Gen 2 has the DFI 3.8 which seems to be problem-free and performance pretty good when in sport mode - although not in turbo league . PDK is excellent although , if it has the standard steering wheel manual change buttons I find then counter-intuitive personally . I would be inclined to choose car based on what spec/colour/budget you are looking for and then go from there regarding possible inspection for the engine issues if its a Gen 1 Good luck :-)
  4. Immaculate turbo coupe this morning near Sandwich , Kent ........ spotted by a work colleague who commented "not hanging about either ! " :-)
  5. vernon


    I was at the OPC Tonbridge event last Tuesday ..... was really busy with lost of posh people :-) Think I prefer the 991 to the 992 - although I did like the return of the bodylines in the bonnet that mimic those on our cars Car park was the best bit - quite a lot of modern 997/991 's ..... with only one guards red Carrera , a 964 and my 993 representing the air-cooled fraternity Oh ..and the workshop ..... that was pretty impressive
  6. Got mine too - thanks again for your efforts and top marks for your packing :-)
  7. If the one Wingonut had ordered is still available I am happy to take his one - Please pm me payment details and I will settle up and advise delivery address 👍
  8. Good Afternoon You can buy universal "Db Killer" baffles in various diameters that you could fit into the end of pipe which should reduce noise levels enough for you to comply. Commonly used on motorcycles for track days - I have had them for a couple of bikes I have used on trackdays at Brands Hatch and Snetterton and they worked a treat .... Ebay would no doubt offer you some options :-)
  9. Good Afternoon Kenny. I will take the nearside ( left hand) wing please - will pm you :-)
  10. If it helps I have a warehouse in Dover so could store it here safely when you arrive until you can arrange transport home :-)
  11. have only managed 0.6 miles on my last outing .. to the village church !
  12. Beautiful clean white Targa parked next to the Bell Hotel, Sandwich, Kent .... last Monday 6th - totally outshone the red 991 Targa GTS parked a bit further down the road :-)
  13. Good Afternoon Nige Could you post some photos so the extent of crustiness can be evaluated - I am in need of a n/s wing - so maybe you would split the pair or someone on here may want to have the r/h one ?
  14. sadly not ... I may well have missed an opportunity there
  15. I went for the same idea as PeteSC30 but decided to double security !
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