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    The next European road trip - 2020 The Alps

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  1. Someone should start planning a trip for 2020...
  2. I have had cause to use the spacesaver - probably 10 years ago, so 20 years old not 30 yrs old. I had a tyre fail at Bedford on a track day resulting in a spin and being "stuck" on a big cone. That sorted, I used the spare to get from Bedford to South of London sticking religiously to 50mph and holding up the trucks in the motorway slow lane. Its only one anecdote, but it worked well enough and seems to be about as far as anyone else has had to drive on one. It never quite deflated back to its original fully collapsed shape but was close enough to go back in the car. I note that the spare in my AllRoad is exactly the same type of collapsible spare, just a bit larger. So these things are still being produced at least in some sizes.
  3. Its not online unfortunately.
  4. Its pretty good, yes? And there is a director's cut that is about 20 mins longer with a little more interesting driving content...
  5. We have gone way off piste (see what I did there?), but while on the topic of snow, an E70 X5 on 18s and 245 winter tyres is pretty epic in snow if its the one that has the electronic rear diff. I had our first one in over a foot of fresh stuff in the field at home and even drove it up the actual piste one year in the Alps. Much to the amusement of the owners of the lodge we were staying at who told me I was supposed to park in the car park up the road a bit, to which I countered rather lamely with "but I didn't want to carry the bags". I have also towed a Disco 4 out of deep snow in Switzerland with the X5. That was just an over confident English driver who assumed it could go anywhere because its a Land Rover, not realising half worn Pirelli Scorpions are not really the right footwear.
  6. Haith BTW - I used to run without the gurney flap most of the time. It creates a lot of drag. And real downforce. Driving in the rain with it creates a massive rooster tail, so it really does something.
  7. BTW, some awesome suggestions emerging - apart from the red Cayenne. Only appropriate if there is a good chance of snow on the road and skiing is involved. I do sense a slight split between the idea of a road trip car being a good cruiser in order to get "there" and a road trip car being a car that shines once "there" and must be endured to some extent on the way. On the snow front, yes, I know that Fraser will post pics of his IB in the snow. And I bow to him as the IB road trip god. In all seasons.
  8. The stock they have is great, but they have a lot of inflexible rules about what they will sell. Hence the low ball trade offers. One reason anyway. I had my 996TT inspected for sale with them and they wanted to replace the perfectly good brake rotors with Porsche stamped ones, for example. I declined. Chicken wire grill. Look closely and Daisy has a cheap Halfords wire grill. Ooops. I am truly sorry.
  9. I always have my suspicions raised when so-called experts like JZM write ridiculous tripe in the descriptions. Calling a 3.0 ITB hot rod motor a torque monster betrays a complete lack of understanding for fundamental engineering basics. Are they really the experts they like everyone to believe they are? Nice car though.
  10. Call me stupid, but I just realised that our trip coincides with Euro 2020. The last 2018 Pyrenees trip coincided with the World Cup and gave us easy evenings of entertainment over a beer or three - this will be just the same. Maybe better as local interest will be at least as high. Another great reason to join the trip!
  11. Certified + gold plated eejit.
  12. You didn't fit in an IB either. Custom subframe + buckets = solution. Nice old bus. But not a sports car
  13. At last count there were about 14-15 cars and 3-4 non IBs.
  14. Its entirely up to you - we are a broad church. Gordon will be 997TT. I will be 987 (or maybe another noughties car). Fraser will be ??? The majority though will be IBs. Personally, I love seeing other cars pushed to the limit and how they move with the road, how the suspension works, how they sound and how they put power down, etc. I habitually lead the group, but enjoy following for these reasons. For exactly those selfish reasons, bring whatever car you like as far as I am concerned.
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