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  1. Richard Bernau

    "We go again" ....

    I feel for you mate. Its hard to remain enthusiastic when the car is away for long periods. There is a common theme in the long running builds, in so far as people who stick with it over multiple years tend to do lots of it themselves. With your own hands dirty you tend to stay more motivated maybe. And if its in your own garage, its constantly sitting there accusing you of not getting off your backside and finishing stuff. So you get stuck in. I am rapidly joining the VT club (is that really just old man's club?) in putting more value on the convenient, reliable driving thrill beating the elusive and fleeting highs of the classic driving thrill. I find myself now constantly re-evaluating my car priorities and challenging what I think I want. More often than not I am coming out in the 2000s rather than the 1980s these days. 10 years ago, I would never have guessed that, though if I was honest with myself, the signs were there at least 5 years ago - I just refused to listen.
  2. Observation from me - interesting that nowadays, the first instinct is name and shame, solicitors letter etc. Its the same in business, first instinct is email, message etc. In my limited experience, you get more results by going old school face to face. Its easy to do something via non-personal communication, but picking up the phone or face-to-face meetings are difficult, confrontational and unpleasant. So I understand why but argue that these non-personal actions are ineffectual. As easy as it is to fire off an email, its just as easy to ignore it on the other end. If it was me, I would down at the dealers, in their offices and making a quiet, but reasoned fuss until the money was electronically transferred into my account. Even now, I would be down there waiting for the 75%. $0.02
  3. Richard Bernau

    RB's 930GT

    Its done in the body shop - finally - but they have left a couple of minor things that are in the too hard basket and I missed my slot with JAZ. I would rather have the car at JAZ now as I know Steve will crack on with it. He can't afford to have cars taking up space and runs a decent business that moves at speed. So we move on. Good news there is a plan. Bad news (for my wallet) is I have bitten the bullet on a new wiring loom. Parts of the old loom are showing evidence of less than acceptable rewiring by previous shops and owners. Easier to replace than fix. And we have found a loom at a reasonable price.
  4. Richard Bernau

    RB's 930GT

    Prediction correct - still hasn't left the bodyshop.
  5. Richard Bernau

    Back in an IB

    Cars look great! Is the L90 trip written up anywhere?
  6. Richard Bernau

    H Reg 930?

    My old car was a G registered in Dec 1989, so certainly possible.
  7. Richard Bernau

    Spa Classic 2019

    I have done it before and its great because its Spa and its access all areas and low key. You can wander round the Group C pits and talk to the mechanics etc. You don't have to buy thru traveldestinations (google for alt ticket providers) and there are plenty of places to stay around Spa. Stavelot is nice and lets you walk to a selection of decent restaurants while still being just a short drive to the circuit, but I have also stayed in more B&B style places in smaller villages with groups and had a great time. Would not chance camping given how much it rains around Spa.
  8. Richard Bernau

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Its awesome Les. I like it much more than the previous 3.0D X3 (fast, did power slides if you tried hard), 40i X5 (faster, bigger, more truckier) and 3.0D X5 (first X5 and most fun). Its just a superbly relaxing place to be, primarily for (I think) 3 reasons - first, ride is sublime apart from the odd small sharp ridge that catches it out. It floats over the worst potholes and broken surfaces unlike any other car I have owned. A6 ARs are all air suspension (A4 ARs are coils) and I am on 18s with unfashionable 235/55s luxo barge Conti tyres. Drove one on 19s that felt much the same. It still seems to have plenty of grip and doesn't roll in corners though. Second, drivetrain is super relaxed. I have the lowest power - 220hp - v6 diesel with the 7 speed DCT box. It has a very relaxed delivery that changes up early, has seemless gearchanges and generally just gives effortless surges of tq as needed. Its as good as the BMW 3.0Ds that I rate very highly. The sport mode (just pull back gear selector) is useful for junctions or if hurrying and paddles are there if needed. I also drove the 276hp version and noticed only a little difference in seat of pants grunt. Third, the interior is super high quality and very comfortable. I have the Sport trim version that gives nicer leather with more stitching and full leccy seats. Almost every surface feels soft and very high quality and a notch above all the past BMWs. Downsides are basically that the platform feels a bit old in terms of tech. No top down camera for parking and the sat nav screen looks, smallish, old tech and old graphics. Because A6 platform is fundamentally old and about to be replaced - though a new AR version is some way away. I found a car with the virtual cockpit, so it gets a very modern looking extra screen in the dash which will do sat nav maps etc, so that makes up for a lot. It does have Apple Carplay, a wireless phone charging mat and the full LED adaptive headlights/taillights, so not all low tech. We also love the long (though somewhat shallow) boot compared to SUV boots (tall and short) for throwing in all the school bags, sports bags, instruments etc. So, very stressful having the old car written off and not a fiscally healthy move taking 18 months of depreciation in the process, but I feel like we have ended up with a nicer car while out of pocket for about the same amount of money after the insurance settlement. Below is high-ish ride height setting on its "summer" wheels (A5 wheels, because they are much cheaper used than AR wheels and the right offset as both A5 and AR have wider track than A4/A6 respectively and std wheels are going to be for winters).
  9. Richard Bernau

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Yeah, but you would want to self harm every time you caught a glimpse of it. FWIW, Audi offered me some insane deals on a new A6 Allroad in terms of discount and finance. The only 3 new ones in the country were in Crawley dealership. I ended up in an 18 month old higher spec used car, as that was even more insanely cheap, but that is a different story. My mind is doing mental gymnastics thinking about the residual value risk all these lease and finance companies are taking on c.95% of new car sales when we hit the next big economic slow down.
  10. Richard Bernau

    ultimate 930 engine

    Interesting concept - won't idle, 1st gear, no torque, wait for it, SPLOOSH and 5 bar of boost... Awesome Cool for someone, but average hypercar owner will never drive it.
  11. Richard Bernau

    935 reborn?

    Good lord - just noticed the wing mirrors. What's up with them?
  12. Richard Bernau

    Fantasy IB Build

    I have another reason why not. Because if you bought one of these, it means you are unequivocally very rich. In order to be very rich, you have to be a selfish pr!ck or to have inherited it. Or maybe just very lucky. I am not any of those, so I would never feel comfortable driving it. Same kind of reason why I would never buy a Ferrari. It just isn't me. I would much rather have something that retains a hint of the underdog but surprises everyone by how well it goes or with unexpected details. Pretty sure that I am not alone in feeling this way and that is one of the reasons IB is a cool place to hang out, unlike say Pistonheads, which is an interesting place to discover that I have little in common with the average Pistonheads posting GT-whatever owner.
  13. Richard Bernau

    New tyres - manufactured date

    Some disclose that they are old dates - like mytyres. You will see something like Michie Supersports at multiple prices and where they have the code things like rim protection bead, they have another code for old date and they will be cheaper. I bought tyres for the Mini like that and didn't realise and ended up with 5 yr old "new" tyres, but at a sharp price. Doesn't help with the SO2 hunt though.
  14. Richard Bernau

    Fantasy IB Build

    Couple of thoughts: 1. Widebody - for the turn in and stance 2. 3.6 Engine - in the realms of potentially affordable, I would start with a 3.6 and rebuild with LW rods and Pistons with valve cuts for "S" cams, LW valvetrain, then add ITBs and Motec to control it and equal length exhaust to breath. Easy, torquey c.350hp and c7500rpm redline. All you need.
  15. Richard Bernau

    987 Cayman - any good?

    The GT3 master cylinder is much publicised - particularly on Pistonheads. Its also overpriced, so I am holding off on this at the moment. I don't find the pedal feel too bad TBH.