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  1. ...some kind of noise cancelling headphones? But seriously, that is why I am leaving those bits up to the individual - I get it, in your CR it would be a breeze, but in the IB you may choose to do things differently. Hence, you can take as long as you like and go whatever route you like. And I know you get it as well. #wearechill In other news, I have emailed hotels for each night to check availability for a group of 12-20 people. #waitandsee
  2. Have no fear - I get the joke. I wouldn't have shared it here on IB if I wasn't up for a bit of group challenge. The plan won't change for the core bit of the trip though. The divisive bits are I think twofold - 1. Getting there and back - because its a long way and some will have more/less tolerance for distance and more/less time for detours. So those bits are each to their own devices. 2. Speed of driving - which will sort itself out on the first morning. I know how to do this from Bergmeister and it will involve more organisation each day and some shared responsibility with other key individuals until a routine settles in (I guess second afternoon it will be totally sorted). Any outlier or misfit can take their satnav and do as they please and we will see them at lunch/dinner. Nobody is paying me so I don't have to please anyone
  3. Well, however you do it, get to Weesen for kick off. The how, when and where is completely up to the individual so long as they have the end point locked in
  4. I know the 500 having done it a couple of times and I know a couple of bits near the 500 around Bernau having explored my namesake town and surrounds on one trip. The top bit of the 500 (c50km) is the best bit IMHO. Looking at a map, the route is fairly self-selecting as there are not many somewhat parallel options to choose from. Doing the whole 500 is still a good option, I am just wary of the traffic as I have done it weekday and weekend and it was busy both times. I found that you had to be super committed on overtaking to make progress and while that is ok, I would prefer empty roads. I will work out the details at a later date, but fairly committed to getting to say Metz area the night before and then super early start next day to get onto the good roads before they are too busy and then aim to hit Weesen mid/late afternoon. I don't expect that approach to have wider appeal, hence the start point in Switzerland and let people make their own way there, but if 1 or 2 are up for it, then even better.
  5. Genuine Q - is this ^^^ all true and correct? Illegality? Detector detected - how? Damage to equipment - how? We are not talking confusing with some kind of a jammer?
  6. Standard engine? Brakes? Suspension? Or something closer to RSR. The world is your oyster with that as a base. All that wheel/tyre cries out for 300+hp....
  7. That's my plan as well - only I am going to plot a route that runs nearby but on smaller roads. Last time I had a little explore of the area, I found the minor roads were 90% as good on width and surface condition and almost entirely empty of traffic. Something like top of the 500, then Seebach, Oppenau, Biberach, Schuttertal, Kirchzarten, Bernau, Gorwihl, Weesen. (just typing that here to remind myself)
  8. Its the drivers not the cars. The only close friend I know with a flooding/car write off story round my way was in a Disco 4 - and you would put that near the top of your list of flood proof cars.
  9. You may be in a group of one I have only ever seen one woman thrive on this kind of trip - a crazy, Dutch lady, whose partner was an absolute nutjob behind the wheel. I spent about 5 days following them and marvelling at how often a 3.0RSR is airborne on less than completely smooth tarmac. But, but, but... On current indications of interest, we will have a broad group and as I have said many times, everyone is self-sufficient in navigation, so you are free to do your own thing and find a pace you are comfortable with. So no pressure and Mrs is welcome. Note for all - I will call for firmer commitments in due course so we can build a list of participants. Just keep watching this space.
  10. Most Garmins work fine, but I can send you a model number when I have mine handy. Most of us have a similar model/ vintage and last I looked you could pick one up on eBay for <£50. I use mine for almost all long trips as it’s still better than the car built in stuff. Mine is maybe 8 yrs old but maps still supported and it works fine with camera and radar and traffic stuff all up to date. Only expense has been buying a bigger sd card.
  11. Showing full on the day we need. May be just too far ahead as all June looks full. Looks good though. Did you partake in the soap massage?!?
  12. ^^^ totally agree. I use garmin basecamp to plan routes. It is not hugely user friendly but it does work once you get to grips with it. Let’s you add as many waypoints as you like and you can just drag the route around where you want it. Then you also have the total Kilometres and the driving time for each day or half day depending how you structure it just a click away. Critically, you can then save each “list” to a separate file and upload to a garmin satnav giving you a separate route for each day or half day. Many tomtoms don’t let you do this and nor do incar OEM satnavs. Hence why garmin are the default choice on our trips. To really check the roads out you need to look over them in google maps satellite pics or google earth for bits you really want to check out. How far per day is very personal but once you have driving times for each route you can easily work out if it’s too much or too little. By myself,I will do 6 or 7hrs a day or more as a one off, but that is the upper limit for a group and too much for some.
  13. Can’t trust google for anything these days!
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