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  1. I have the Austrian Curves book - which is in German. Did I miss a trick???? It was a Xmas present now that I think about it. I read it with Google Translate... Everyday is a school day for me.
  2. Its exactly the same gearbox and it doesn't need a clutch or flywheel, because they are the same (good reporting). Dave Chapman on the CSL whatsapp group did it most recently and publicly. It should actually be cheaper than £3.5k given how simple it is, but even so, its not bad VFM. However, the premise that all these articles start from is that SMG is sh!te. It isn't. If it was, you would have a long queue forming for the conversion and that simply isn't the case. Those that own and get to know CSLs are largely in agreement that SMG is pretty cool. I would guesstimate that about 20-30% of CSL owners are tempted, but a much, much smaller number will pull the trigger. The market is also undecided and so far it seems that the conversion detracts from value in addition to the out of pocket cost. So, economically, it doesn't yet stack up. So, I would say I am in the tempted category (do love a manual), but unlikely to pull the trigger unless I was facing a big SMG bill for say a new pump.
  3. Looks good. I got one of the Curves Magazine books on the Austrian passes at Xmas. Its in German but still fairly accessible. Had thought of buying the set, but this looks even better.
  4. Word of warning - and this caught me by surprise. Watch out for the rescheduled Tour de France starting 29 August. I am not fully up to speed on it, but I saw it takes in NW of Nice and the Col de Turini on day 2 (30 August), Grand Colombier on 13 Sept, Col de la Loze and Col de la Madeleine on 16 Sept and some more around that are on the next 2 days. Apart from Madeleine, its not a direct impact on the route I posted here, but they close roads and there is much more than a day of disruption, so just saying, if you are in the area, watch out.
  5. I am sure this exists, even if I haven't seen it, and in spirit its a little like the Alfas that others are drooling over (pretty little 3 box car, small and LW with a big engine) but rather more modern classic. For as long as I can remember, I have had a big soft spot for an E30 325i coupe. But with a stroker 2.9, cams and ITBs. Plus some big brakes. But otherwise quite sleeper. A wee bit like this one, but with 15 or 16 inch wheels -
  6. Sorry mate - I just copy/pasted from earlier. Not intentional at all
  7. For the first time in 20 years, more or less, I don't own a Porsche. Not sure how I feel about that. Its also (with one short gap) the first time Porscheless in my adult life since I had a decent post-uni job and could scrape together a deposit and borrow the rest to buy my first 911. I am not big on living in the past and tend to look forward to the next thing. The journey is as important as the destination for me.
  8. So already we are down to - @Richard Bernau - @MarkJ - @Henry - @heckschleuderer - @Spongebob I will reach out and see what the appetite is. If limited enthusiasm then I going to do my own thing.
  9. Last roll call looked something like this. Have situations changed? - @Richard Bernau - @Dr Rock - @MarkJ - @Henry - @Beaky - @heckschleuderer - @Spongebob
  10. So here are the dates again (and I can see how this my flex a little, like the suggestion to skip Amden) - 12/9 Amden, Hotel Sonne - 13/9 Biberweir, MyTirol - 14/9 Mühlbach am Hochkönig, Hotel Bergheimat - 15/9 St Vigil, Sporthotel - 16/9 Pontresina, Chesa Mulin etc - 17/9 Weggis, Hotel Central am See - 18/9 Bischwihr, Relais du Ried
  11. No, its just me sharing info so its here for people to use/enjoy in the future when thinking of a trip, if they want a ready made route or something to start kicking around. My thinking is that with quarantine rules and CV19 prevalence moving around, its good to have options for trips and I just wanted to have it here and accessible rather than hidden in my hard drive. There is a tentative date in September for the more Austria/Switzerland biased trip - the June trip that was postponed. However, that looks in doubt if the situation with Austria and required quarantine on entry doesn't change. What our Govt might do on restricting to essential travel across whatever EU countries it wants to blame for the UK's next CV19 spike us to think are higher risk than the UK ( ), will have to be taken into account.
  12. This idea that prices keep going up is IMHO now dead and buried. Only the super collectable stuff will keep rising. If you decide you need to get back into the IB market in the future, I actually think it will be cheaper to re-enter in a couple of years or so. The cost (in every respect) of owning these cars has risen dramatically and we are in the middle of a macroeconomic shock as well an environmental/green shift in attitude and what is desirable. My $0.02.
  13. Only you can decide how long you fancy driving each day. Sounds like you will get a good taste for it regardless. Its unfortunate that the good bits are quite a way away. Not suggesting you change plans, but another possible for anyone looking at shorter trips is Belgium, the Ardennes and Germany, the Eifle mountains and the Palatinate Forest in between as they are obviously easier to get to. I have bits of a route for those areas, but not ready made. Some of it I have driven before and bike mags and websites have more info. Its not the same as the Alps, but all good fun.

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