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    The next European road trip - 2018 Pyrenees

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  1. Richard Bernau

    Restoration Costs in England

    Easy. Brexit means Brexit, and we are going to make a success of it. According to our robotic Prime Minister anyway. We all just need to believe harder and the sunlit uplands await...
  2. Richard Bernau

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Cheers for that ! The resistors I used for the side airbags in the seats that disappeared with the race seat install are in my boxa.net thread and are presumably the same as the one you need. Can't recall off the top of my head though.
  3. Richard Bernau

    Spa Classic 2019

    ??? which bit are you worried about? You will need a green card and you will need to check your EU cover with your insurer. Only the green card part is new. The bit about claims in foreign courts is also new. Doesn't mean you can't claim, just means you may need to use local courts and local language though that may depend on reciprocal enforcement of judgments. BUT that is a problem for your insurer as you subrogate all your rights to your insurer in any case. You likely would not be making a claim yourself. This isn't a big issue for you as the driver IMHO. Worst case, we are basically just going back to Freddie Flintstone times when we all had to get green cards and foreign places seemed really different and exotic and going there required a load of paperwork, red tape and queues. I am doing Mad Max dash through the border on 30 March. No guts, no glory! Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it. Etc, etc.
  4. Richard Bernau

    Spa Classic 2019

    That looks like about a 3+km walk from Stavelot after you have had a few sherberts, no? Sounds far too healthy for the OJT I know Last classic I went to I stayed in Stavelot in a little place above one of the bars - just looked on booking.com. Cheap and not at all special, but convenient. Our Aussie guest had his rental BMW keyed in some weird anti-German, drunken thing. His blood pressure went thru the roof until he managed to confirm he had ticked the zero excess box. I had the 944T parked next to the BMW and was spared any damage. UK plates, much cooler car? We were parked pretty much on the main street. Otherwise, IB trips and other groups I have been with have stayed at the place in Hockai. Its chalet style and you are largely locked in to the bar and restaurant there (which are good) unless you have a sober driver. As my Scottish friends can testify, there is no strip club within even an inconveniently long taxi ride of Hockai.
  5. Richard Bernau

    Spa Classic 2019

    There is the top of the GP pits restaurant/bar and viewing areas. Otherwise, you wander about with access to the pits. Walk the circuit etc. Behind the old pits is a frites avec mayonnaise type shack with ice creams and bar and the odd sausage IIRC. There may be a handful of other random vendors selling vintage parts etc. Its pretty low key. $0.02, I would stay in Stavelot and eat/drink there then stumble home to bed. We did that last time I was there. You can get away with a couple or three "childrens" beers at the circuit during the day - you know, the little baby size euro beers.
  6. Richard Bernau

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Would you mind setting out what is involved in fitting a non-airbag steering wheel? I have thought of doing this, though I am actually happy with the 987 sport steering wheel so likely won't, but would be good to know. Something like momo hub, resistor for the airbag and? It certainly adds to the sense of purpose when you add a steering wheel like that. A bit like adding race seats. I would put a Momo Mod07 in every car if there were not other consequences.
  7. Richard Bernau

    Spa Classic 2019

    Bus service at Spa? You have been there before right? No chance - Classic is very low key and very little infrastructure. Take it easy at the circuit and drink afterwards at Stavelot on the terraces. N500 is a decent road, but it does get busy with traffic. The roads around the N500 are equally as good and have zero traffic, so don't be afraid to make it up as you go along and detour a bit. I have done N500 3 times now and have found it equally good and frustrating - there really are better roads in the area. Like Mark, I would bother hiring a 991. And 4 people in a 991? 2 x adults and 2 x midgets...
  8. Richard Bernau

    32. vs. 3.2 with ITB vs. 3.4

    Wayne would have told you if you need a different air filter. He knows more about tuning these cars than all of us put together. 264hp sounds about right and the extra oomph will be the thing that brings smiles.
  9. Richard Bernau

    Could it be that The Sherrif’s secret is out?

    He is going to put himself on the naughty step and issue 5 minute ban....
  10. Richard Bernau

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    I am not convinced its required. I know its recommended but I haven't noticed the pedal feel being too bad. Yes, there is a little squish, but its also a lack of bite at the top of the pedal. The bigger discs helps the bite so fools the brain into thinking the pedal feels better IMHO.
  11. Richard Bernau

    Dream Car Finds

    I got offered a Rubystone RS on Cup cams for £24k. And a 2.7RS for £32k. Me = dumbass. Hindsight = genius.
  12. Richard Bernau

    "We go again" ....

    I will leave it at this - some of what you are saying re AFM and exhaust efficiency runs contrary to accepted wisdom.
  13. Richard Bernau

    "We go again" ....

    You said it yourself - the AFM is different on a 993, Bosch MAF vs Bosch flapper meter. Also the exhaust is different and considered much better on the 993. Those two things are generally considered to account for the 964 to 993 increases in hp/tq. Then variorum for the later 993 increases.
  14. Richard Bernau

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    The discs are from Freaky Parts - you may need to email them if its not on the website. My Boxa.net thread is here - http://www.boxa.net/forum/topic/74964-boxster-987-32s-new-to-me/?page=5
  15. Richard Bernau

    "We go again" ....

    I honestly don't think its the filter that is the restriction in the inlet. Have you seen inside the AFM on a 3.2 or 964 3.6? Everything has to go thru the little rectangular hole and past the little moving door that never fully opens. Opinions do vary on the restrictiveness of the AFM, but its much more often discussed as a restriction than the filter IMHO. You do make a very good point, which is that every element needs to be considered - filter, AFM, TB, inlet, heads, valves, pistons, exhaust primaries/merge/secondaries/mufflers - in order to optimise performance.