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  1. Just so it doesn't get to a whole year without an update, I will be bringing this up to date in the near future. Its been a long and hard road getting the CSL legal in NZ and the work is nowhere near complete in terms of where I want it. The short story is that not everyone has been as careful as they ought to have been with the car as it has passed from one shop to another. So, I have a fight on my hands to get things rectified. On the plus side, I will be driving the CSL tomorrow (maybe Friday) on dealer plates and *hopefully* getting a number plate on it by end of the day. It has been sitting in my garage for about the last 3 weeks (landed here in April), but I can't drive it unless I borrow dealer plates - which cost a crate of beer each time I borrow them. It will be a slight change from driving the W124.
  2. Back in the day, Nivas were popular farm hacks in NZ, but they rusted as you looked at them. Hopefully the rust proofing has moved into the 21st century.
  3. Fingers crossed you get some kind of trip. Good luck. Keep the road trip flame alive!
  4. The market is moving. On my CSL owners group I keep hearing owners turning down what I would have described as silly offers over the last 2 months in particular. Some are bullishly talking £100k for average mileage cars. There is a lot more unobtanium in a CSL than a 1M (all the carbon stuff and interior parts), but still, the general price level feels high to me.
  5. On a restricted licence for a while yet, so any sideways glances would include me riding shotgun.
  6. Defo still in the honeymoon period, but its such a cool car. It just wafts around everywhere in such an effortless way. And then has a surprising turn of speed and a nice snarl when you need it. Its much nicer on new tyres. Got mid range Hankook all-seasons in 205/60. They look so small. Figured all-seasons could be good as it does get cold here in winter and it is RWD and will have a newbie behind the wheel. Got most of the servicing done on Friday. Reassuringly expensive bill. Now in it for NZD4700. Most disappointing thing so far is a bought a NZD1.00 cassette from a charity shop and then found the tape player would load but wouldn't play anything. It was a brand new cassette in wrapper. No idea what the music was as it was some Russian woman. We will never know. Stealing myself to do a 200km trip on Friday to collect my father in law for a funeral. May still be safer to take the Audi. I do have an AA card....
  7. Maybe he just skipped the hype, had a look at the spec sheet and drew a very reasonable conclusion? [late reply I know, but...]
  8. No, nothing like that in NZ. There is no public transport other than a few buses in Christchurch. There are only 350k people in Christchurch, so it’s a very small city. NZ is pretty ‘green’ in many respects like almost 100% renewable electricity but will lag in other areas like EV adoption due to cost and remoteness of rural communities and lower per capita income than Europe. I get new Tyres fitted at 9am tomorrow then drop off for service. Grip levels are comedy low with 16 year old tyres. Otherwise all seems good. Just did a run out to Supercheap Auto for usb charger, phone mount and cup holder plus an unnecessary motorway jaunt just because. Super relaxed and quiet at 100kmh as expected.
  9. Thats the other great thing - I am paying less in insurance for this than even the best classic insurance on a standard, garaged, mile limited Porsche insured just for me. Anyone - and I mean anyone - is insured to drive the Merc including my 17 yr old and my soon to be 16 yr old with just a higher excess applicable.
  10. Took the inspiration from Hamish who had a 300e for 6 years before his current Subaru Legacy daily. And other w124 owners obvs. And btw, zero rust. It’s better underneath than my CSL. UK climate really does kill old cars.
  11. Ex Japan, last owner for 19 years (lovely Japanese guy) and 144k kms. Needs full service, all fluids and filters and tyres. A steal at NZD3250. Need to spend about NZD2k on the maintenance. Have an indy lined up who inspected it yesterday. Needs full clean and polish etc as well. Then it’s road trip time to see what breaks...
  12. I know I said this might be a slow burn, but I have gone ahead and bought another modern classic for and my daughter. It feels so nice to have something old and cherished and ready for care and attention. It’s 3.2 litres, 220hp, has 15 inch wheels and 4 piston front brakes. It is..... Not going to make you wait.
  13. Alfa?!? I need a car that is actually going to work. Hence, looking German only ATM. Also way over budget for a first car. When I get the itch to try something new for myself in 2 years I will check back in for suggestions On the list - just none of them for sale. I think there was one with the 3 speed auto when I last looked.
  14. No, you are dead right. Some old cars were sh!te when new and are still sh!te. They should be crushed, except for one thing. If you 100% don't care how a car drives then a sh!te car becomes desirable and worth restoring if enough people want it because enough people decide it is nice to look at (say, a Morris Traveller) OR historically/culturally significant (say, an Aussie muscle car or a Capri) OR it is rare enough (can't think of one right now). All those things are really about owning something that makes people look at you differently. For men, its an acceptable kind of jewellery. Its so other people say "look at the at that guy/gal, they are cool/rich/quirky because they drive an old car". Lets be honest, none of us drive 911s etc only because of how they drive. My daughter is in that nice to look at camp - she just wants a car that projects a certain image and for want of a better description, that image is "I am not completely predictable". She is hardly radical in her choices, but to be fair, going out and finding a half decent 80s/90s car requires more effort than your average cheap car, so not many actually do it. She likes the way Mercs, BMWs and Audis look from that period. The Saab idea went down like a cup of cold sick. She also likes the interiors - houndstooth, checks, blues, beiges, browns - and how different they are from the unremittingly grey/black of more modern cars. This is win:win for me. If we get something nice-ish, I can make it nicer. OEM+ beckons with new 20% stiffer springs, Bilstein B6s (or Koni, KYB etc), decent brake pads, a tiny bit of stance and so on. When she is done with it, the car is mine. Then my son will be making a decent argument for a 2JZ swap...
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