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  1. Alfa?!? I need a car that is actually going to work. Hence, looking German only ATM. Also way over budget for a first car. When I get the itch to try something new for myself in 2 years I will check back in for suggestions On the list - just none of them for sale. I think there was one with the 3 speed auto when I last looked.
  2. No, you are dead right. Some old cars were sh!te when new and are still sh!te. They should be crushed, except for one thing. If you 100% don't care how a car drives then a sh!te car becomes desirable and worth restoring if enough people want it because enough people decide it is nice to look at (say, a Morris Traveller) OR historically/culturally significant (say, an Aussie muscle car or a Capri) OR it is rare enough (can't think of one right now). All those things are really about owning something that makes people look at you differently. For men, its an acceptable kind of jewellery
  3. This intrigued me enough to investigate. If you believe tinternet the lightest base cars only weighed 1110kg with a 2.3 at 1220kg and the heaviest 16v cars being nearly 1300kg. That's light. I also read that it was the first car of this size with multi link rear suspension that was carrier over into the later Cs and Es. So much is happening so quickly in our family life right now, who knows if this idea survives the next coupe of months, but right now the 190E idea seems pretty sound.
  4. Good ideas 👍 Some of this is unobtanium in NZ.
  5. She has no current interest in driving dynamics. We have done the Golf discussion as there are a ton of them here imported ex Japan at very good prices. Not interested. And she can drive my car any time if she was interested. The insurance here is super reasonable. I am paying £400 for our Audi with her as 17 yr old learner fully covered. And we have no insurance history in NZ, so zero no claims. To be honest, this car is just for smoking around Christchurch really and learning to drive. It will go as far as 100km South and about 50km North. There is nowhere in Christchurch that is mo
  6. Manual or auto doesn't matter. You sit your licence practical test in either and are then licensed to drive either. 99% of new cars here are autos and 99% of learners sit tests in autos, so that is the default. She is happy with either. There is a youtube vid of a 2.5d with 1.4m km on it doing top speed runs in DE. Its 94 hp for the 2.5 non-turbo. Sounds like a ur-Quattro but obvs much slower. They command a price premium because they last so long, but I would buy one if the right car turned up.
  7. Please her little cotton sox, my daughter is taking an interest in classic cars. Not in any way mechanical, its entirely about the looks and image. She actually wants a dirty old hilux, but that is a not happening at this point. So classic hunt is on. The stuff that she likes is square, 3-box saloons from the 80s/90s. Right on, I say. It was an E30 3 series that kicked things off, but like everywhere, the NZ market for these has gone crazy - either overpriced 318s or engine swapped, incomplete, semi-drift cars. And a 325i is well out of first car budget even if that is the pick of t
  8. Yep - they were on the front guards as well. The ST was on the trip I was on - it was great fun and fastest trip I have ever done.
  9. Yep, I know this one fairly well. Its had a ton of money thrown at it and lots of the right parts. Absolute bargain at anything under 6 figures. They are R-Gruppe Bergmeister stickers, signalling the car has been on Bergmeister events. Daisy had those at one point as well.
  10. That's a subzero car Paul. I like. Wouldn't guess it would be my cuppa tea, but I get the attraction.
  11. Fairly faithful 934.5 bodywork. Assume its watercooled? Its probably a weapon.
  12. Apologies in advance. This thing is wrong in many ways, but its also kind of cool. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2021-04-17/cars/ref-51-2005-porsche-911-997-carrera-rothmans-tribute-sb/ No idea what these go for, but holy heck this is a lot of car for the £££ https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2021-04-17/cars/ref-144-2008-maserati-gran-turismo-dl/
  13. I had a sneaky look at W126s for my daughter as a first car here in NZ. Given the roads and carparks are almost USA size and there is no learner insurance penalty for greater than 1.0 litre hatchbacks, the first car decision is quite different from the UK. My boss at my first job (25 years ago) had a W126 and I used to regularly borrow it for meetings. It is the antithesis of Porsche, but very easy to love nonetheless. He then got a newer 735i. Nice, but not quite as lovable for some reason. I am smoking around in my father in laws old cr@p car at the moment - a Vectra. Still kind o
  14. She is. More mature than me most times. I am a grumpy old man
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