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  1. Euro 3.2 vs US? Compression ratio is different, so no easy fix. Never driven a US 3.2, but I hear that the difference in feel is much less than what you might expect. I like where you are coming out on this though. 3.2 into a narrow shell is a tried and proven hot rod recipe. What can feel lazy in a 1300+kg car feels positively athletic in a 1050kg car on skinny tyres.
  2. This might be a long post - but only because I frickin love this kind of discussion. Some more thoughts. And not just my experience. Starting with a friend. I have a colleague with a junior McLaren (540S) who does alps trips like me. On his last trip with various junior exotica as well as some ordinary stuff, he reckoned that the quickest stuff up the alpine roads were 2 guys in Boxster S's. His words not mine. There is only so much that power adds once you are on typical, fun European roads. So, the reality is that on the road, its more the driver than anything e
  3. Well, if you like 3.8 in an SC and want that power to weight, then you have fewer options other than a 3.8, I guess. You can't get that power to weight too many other ways. 3.0RSR makes 330hp... Thoughts on weight. Real world weights on actual corner scales are often very different from internet weights. A basic spec 2.4T was IIRC 1050kg and a more optioned 2.4S was 1080kg. More or less. A 2.7RS Touring was about the same as a 2.4S. Those are the Porsche Redbook weights, so real world. Any 911 that is 1000-1050kg in the real world feels light. Much lighter than that is hard and y
  4. What motor is in it now? Original T case or something close to original. An EFI S or E spec engine built around 2.4 or 2.7 litres would be perfect in a narrow early car. Frankly, 3.8 vario just seems the wrong choice IMHO. 2.4E very lightly modified is one of the most fun 911s I have had the pleasure of driving.
  5. Thanks for posting - nice to have it preserved on IB
  6. Coz you can't drive fast everywhere all the time. Life, is not one dimensional. Fun and simple satisfaction exists in many different places by many different routes. Its the same reason why you wouldn't choose Daisy for every single drive. Or, you wouldn't choose a hammer to tighten a screw. Or you wouldn't pick a GT3 to go rock crawling. Etc, etc. If its just 1 or 2 of you, a sports car can be quite a multitool - if its a family of 4+, then you need something very different. And unless you are a psychopath, you tend to pay at least some attention to the opinions of SWMBO and the re
  7. Is this suggesting the 27 EU countries are more greed driven than the UK? I am not sure I understand the point. You have seen the current chumocracy we call a government? I agree with you 100%. Until your last sentence. Where you and I live, we do have choice. Not a million miles from you, have you ever been to Sankeys in TW or Veaseys in Forest Row? You can buy any fish you can think of. I do get your point that the local Morrisons doesn't compare to the fish counter at a big Carrefour but there is certainly choice in my part of the UK. Here's a serious question though -
  8. Hmmm. Do you really think there is that amount of command and control in a fundamentally market driven economy? But this is neither the time nor place for in depth debate
  9. Understatement of the century. We have seen C-suite move from a view that everyone can just get the jab and get back into the office to a more nuanced view that much of the workforce doesn't want to go back to the office or wants a part WFH solution. And a further realisation that work from anywhere also needs to be acknowledged for some positions. We are advising on solutions and the risk of permanent establishment and employer compliance obligations are the main hurdles but there are others. I am hugely self interested insofar as I am trying to work in NZ for a UK company in 2021. I
  10. Depends where you are shipping. But that wasn't my point... I suspect the fuel cost as a component of shipping cost is small - vs handling, loading and all the manual processes.
  11. You don't have to ban things - just set sensible emissions levels. This is where international cooperation has a role. Shipping doesn't have to be so brown, its just never moved on from burning filthy bunker oil and we are now addicted to cheap shipping. I think you are dead right on the city air quality driver. The sooner we see city centres and wider areas fully electrified and even pedestrianised the better. In areas like this, EVs are 100% the better solution - but it has to be everything, deliveries, buses, lorries AND 'cars'. People will soon adapt and move from ownership model
  12. My education came from front drive "hot" hatches. My first real car was a unique NZ spec AE86 Toyota - a front drive version of the iconic rear drive car we all know - which was set up by Chris Amon for Toyota NZ (springs, dampers, ARBs, tyres). It had ridiculous levels of lift off oversteer, even compared to cars like the 205 GTi. I drove that car everywhere covering thousands of km on country roads and managed to spin it about 6-8 times on public roads (not a source of pride, but it happened and only once requiring repairs). That was my grounding in lift off oversteer and probably why th
  13. Well done Paul - these are some of the hardest moments to recover in a 911. I have had a couple of decent size 911 accidents over the years. One was a fully controlled power oversteer slide, but failure to leave enough room for a parked car. I was very young. Another was a single locked brake on track that sent me sideways at about 125mph. A little bit like Paul's vid. I am not a driving god, but have regularly had my 911s sideways (and most other cars). I find the "toss and catch" or lift and catch methods to be fairly intuitive. In Daisy, it was easy initiate and drive thru power
  14. Fred - I say congrats on the sale. Getting rid of "stuff" is wonderful. Particularly stuff you may not be using a lot. I for one can't wait to sell my CSL - not that I plan to. But when I do, it will be because there is something else I want to do or own - and that is something to celebrate. I have great memories of all the cars I have owned and zero regrets selling any of them. I hope you are in that same frame of mind
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