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  1. You may also find that a 930 is not just a simple xxxhp more kind of equation. Due to the long gearing and lag they are not fast unless you are really on it and using all the revs and gears. In my experience they are actually a fairly relaxed touring car and you have to be quite hamfisted (footed?) not to anticipate the boost as you have plenty of warning. What I am saying is, don't be scared of a 930. If you can afford it, then 930 has the investment thesis behind it - if you believe any of these cars remain long term investment material.. If you are worried about investment then you really want to forget targas, sell up and put all of your cash in a G50 930 Coupe. $0.02
  2. FYI lads, it may always be possible to "take it for a blast", but no matter. Just leave it idling for 5 mins or so after your sedate drive to the MOT centre (but before test obvs) and you will get just as warm.
  3. My Garmin just appears as an external drive - like a USB stick - when I connect it. Then it just has a folder hierarchy like any drive and I can drag the files I have saved on my hard drive over.
  4. Vehicle for all seasons and FTW - saw a couple of these rolling down the road in Garmisch last week being driven by civilians.
  5. It was in my instructions BTW, for benefit of others, you don't need to use Basecamp to load the Garmin itself, only to view the route files. I am operating on Mac and "drag & drop" works just fine for me. You are not wrong that it can be a PITA though.
  6. Syvecs is very well known in Porsche turbo circles - like the thousand hp 9E types.
  7. Good plan. Engine and gearbox mounts really ties the drivetrain into the chassis and noticeably tightens generally on/off throttle response and weight transfer. I didn't think poly added much to noise in a bad way. It did transmit a little gearbox whine in a straight cut gear type of way (so a good way IMHO), but not anywhere near as noisy as the gearbox in the 930 that was running motorsport steel synchros in 3rd and above. That was very noticeable when changing from 2nd to 3rd. How do you feel about the brakes? I can't recall what your new car has, but that would be one thing I would probably apply some thought to.
  8. Or keep that CR. They are a sweet, sweet spot for fast, modern, interactive and still analogue. Just sayin.
  9. Good to know that 2545 is another model that works And yes, they seem to struggle on memory. I am finding the latest map update doesn't want to load and I suspect its internal memory. As I was up to date last September, I am not too worried though.
  10. Garmin is a good platform for this kind of trip as its robust and simple. It sucks onto the windscreen with a sucky mount and you double your incar powere with a cig lighter adapter so you can still charge your phone and you are good to go. Then when you decide to plan your own trip, Basecamp is as good as anything even though its not super intuitive or pretty - but it is free. If its the hassle you don't like, I will buy another Garmin and do it all for you. For a small fee.
  11. Awesome! That right there is success. You get a gold star.
  12. Its not comparing apples to apples, but they are a significant step up on Bilsteins comparing the M3 KWV3s to revalved Bilsteins over torsion bars. The KWs are better than the BC coilovers on the 987, but nowhere near as dramatically better. I would struggle to justify spending double to get KWs on the 987 vs the BCs. I think KWs on an IB might just be awesome.
  13. 964 will certainly fit over because C12 are 300mm discs and low profile calipers which are made to fit inside a fuchs 15 IIRC. But remember 964 is a different offset. Worked for me because I had spacers and long studs so could "fix" the offset.
  14. I am not feeling it. First words that come to mind are (in no particular order) - cramped, hot, slow, unreliable, dodgy, dated, Sorry On the other hand, I totally understand your CR and IB and Integrale. This seems left field and would be nowhere on my fantasy list of "cars to drive to Italy". If I was looking for change, I would be looking hard at the best 996.1 I could find and then doing a CS-type number on it - ducktail, coilovers, race seats, Mod07 Momo, maybe tasty 17s. That would be as quick as a CR and have more character coz 911.
  15. If its the one at Solden, then kind of. We have the option of going over the TImmelsjoch to Obergurgl on day 5 (IIRC). From there you go down the valley to Solden which is about 20 mins, then you either cable car up or drive (I presume) to the Spectre experience. I was there last winter skiing and didn't bother to go in as it was flippin expensive. There is a super posh restaurant as well, also flippin expensive. Unfortunately, there is no way from Solden through the Otztal valley south to where we need to go - you have to go back over the TImmelsjoch. I have looked on the maps. And last year I even ran up to the end of the valley and up a farmers track until it was just snow and impassable. So a direct route really is impossible. If you wanted to do it, its completely possible, but I reckon adds about 2 hrs+ to the day and that's on top of the fact that you have to add it to the longest route option for that day. I am totally cool for people to make the trip into what they want and do what they want though.
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