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  1. And the afternoons are not bad either. Good roads, good views. Though you may find yourself in the company of some dodgy looking individuals.
  2. More torment for Friday morning... Some days start with staring up a cow’s backside, but they generally get better after that.
  3. I think i like the 2JZ swapped 450 SLC even more - http://www.speedhunters.com/2020/01/open-wide-the-2jz-swapped-450-slc/
  4. Finish the day with beer and a cracking view
  5. Not strictly the Alps. Cross a river. Drive a bit. Spot of lunch. Lovely
  6. No, that was Slovenia trip (hint is the husband and wife vert 911). Alps trip in 2014(?) didn't do Grossglockner, so September was the first time I had done it given my breakdown on the Slovenia trip. I will continue to torment...
  7. Another nice view from somewhere nice and high
  8. Here is the view from a different street, but same view all over the town
  9. Yes, that's the one. I couldn't stay there in September as it was the day they closed for the summer season, but I wandered in and found Barbara in the office, introduced myself and she showed me around. Its a perfectly adequate little family run hotel. Best part, if the sun is shining, is that it has a nice enclosed garden that is just crying out for standing around with a cold frosty beverage in hand. The town is a short walk and it has a SPAR for any essential supplies and there is a petrol station in town. The view of the Dolomites from anywhere in town is spectacular. Will try to find a photo.
  10. Another positive message from our Italian hotel (sans pictures). I hope the optimism is well founded - ...and suddenly our live was entirely different We closed our hotel earlier than planned on March 10th in order to follow the security measures to protect ourselves and our fellow men. Fortunately we are all healthy. Many of our dear guests have contacted us and inquired about our well-being. Thank you, this gives us strength and courage for the future. We hope with all our heart that you all are well and are sure to come out of this situation together and stronger than before. We have a lot of time now and are already tinkering with some new ideas. You can see Roman walking around the hotel with blueprints under his arm... 😊 Nevertheless, we are preparing for the summer season and hope to open our hotel in time on June 10th. Our cancellation policy has been eased. Not because we have to, but because we know we will see each other again. Stay save. ❤️ It's going to be all right, Barbara & Roman
  11. I think they are all refundable up till end of April and some end of May, but I haven't actually checked. They are all showing flexibility, to move the bookings but its harder in September as lots of the grey hair crew in Germany go to the Alps for September walking holidays, so the hotels do long block bookings. Stick it in the diary for 4 weeks from now and we can review again. Edit - the only good thing is that most of the mountain hotels shut down shortly and reopen again end of May, much like they close around end September and open again at Xmas. Some have told me they have had to shut 4 weeks early, but at least its not a loss of 3 months bookings. Still, certainly hard for them right now.
  12. I have - she greeted us on arrival in September. She is a lovely and engaging young woman. If anyone feels jaded and needs to refresh their faith in humanity then spending some time in this kind of small family run hotel in the Alps is a good start. Pretty much all the hotels I have interacted with in the course of planning this trip have been so helpful and engaging. I am going to be beyond gutted if we end up having to cancel.
  13. As much as I found the CV19 chat quite useful, informative and even positive for my mental wellbeing, and its not like it isn't the biggest thing on the planet right now, I embrace the message of staying positive. I mentioned that I had added a personal note in my emails to the hotels and that has been very well received. This is a hard time for hospitality. My new best friend Nathalie at Hotel Bergheimat sent me the message below (unedited). If you feel like sending something positive and supportive to the hotels, then I can promise it will be welcomed. Little things do matter - eg., we decided yesterday to pay our 2 Hungarian girls who clean for us every week regardless of them being unable to do so. We paid them a month in advance as others are just cancelling. They can't go home and can't work, so every little bit helps. And back to Nathalie - Dear Richard, it is always a very happy feeling to read your mail. And of course- it is absolutely understandable for us, if our guests are scared or not sure to take their travel. We offer all guests at the actual situation to cancel for free- but also we are positive minders and very much in hope, that our hotel can be opened as planed on May 30th. If this will not be the case, we let you know of course. So for sure, if you want to change your trip with your friends, we will find another date in summer or autumn. I would say, we leave the rooms as planned for now- and will see what happens in the upcoming weeks. Is that ok for you? Except the 1 room… And also your personal note is absolutely heartwarming for us- THANK YOU so much for these kind words, it really means a lot to me and my family. I hope you are still fine too- we do now have plenty of time to spend in the nature in front of the house, time together with family and yes, that’s a little point, which is positive for us, but anyway- the situation is more than strange and unhappy. For now, dear Richard, all the BEST and – in which case ever- I do look very much forward to seeing you again J Lovely regards Nathalie
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