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  1. Spotted this morning, 7.45ish. Top was off, very shiny. Couldn’t quite read the reg as I drove by but maybe SC or prior.
  2. My local fitter has PS4's in 205 with W and Y speed ratings, any idea whether there would be a difference in how they'd feel/behave? I am not a 10/10ths user, so likely irrelevant for me, just curious. Especially as they are a whole penny different in price!!
  3. https://www.windscreenservicesessex.co.uk/windscreens I believe they do work for Sportwagen, although you might want to double check that.
  4. I'd get properly stuck into my 356 kit car project and then get something from the 70's - 3.0 CSi maybe.
  5. I went with an eccentric spacer, 10 or 15 mm - can't remember which, OK so far.
  6. As a fellow Essexist, now my car is running again, I'd be interested in a meet outside somewhere, even standing in a car park chatting over a tea/coffee would be a welcome break. Like many on here, I have my moments when cabin fever sets in. I knew full time working from home wouldn't be for me, and this Covid palaver has confirmed it. I doubt I'll be back in the office until around March, so that will be a year of doing this. I don't want to whine too much, because I know I am very fortunate. I am still getting paid, I have a degree of flexibility, have a study at home, other people
  7. Sure, my rates are very competitive Definitely, always pleased to get a pass. Good luck tracking your leak.
  8. MOT passed this morning. Have some drag on NSR parking brake, hopefully just needs a little adjustment, but otherwise all good. Mrs J says car sounds quieter after the work I have done. I think it's due to getting the air leaks sorted so it doesn't have a lumpy idle and using the Kirk valve adjustment tool meant I could get all the valve gaps set consistently. It was clear when using it that some of the valve adjusters moved when tightening the lock nut. After a run to and from the MOT station, car idles at around 850, so blowing off the cobwebs has helped. Happy chap!
  9. Ha! Mine are 26, 24 and 21 and this is what I am learning. It's a comfort to know it's not just me, so thanks. Now back to the OP thread, Land Crab brings back memories, we had a white one for a while when I was growing up and I remember having to get out of it and walk when going up a steep road while on holiday in Cornwall. It was raining too, so that made it all the more enjoyable...
  10. Is having it wrapped an option? Choice of colours/finishes and easily reversible for re-sale?
  11. XJC on my bucket list once the kids aren't costing as much as they do now..... could be a while
  12. Is the coil SC/CDi only or will it be suitable for other applications? Eg the latest coils for 3.2s seem to have a poor reputation so would the coil your are developing suit a 3.2 (or indeed others) also? Cheers Kevin
  13. I copied the idea from a Youtube video, so will have to make my fortune another way. If you do make one, I found the soldering iron istelf wasn't air tight, so had to seal it around the body at both ends - I used alamgamting tape where the wire comes out and some high temp sealant where the tip comes out of the body, I could send mine to you - courier or IB Pony Express (if that is still a thing...?), although might be a bit fragile, but happy to give it a go.
  14. He's a runner!! Did the last couple of bolts up under the car to secure the flywheel sensors and the P clip that secures their wires to the engine tin, and a couple of turns of the key and it all fired up quite nicely. Rev's look a little low at just under 800 on the rev counter but I can play with that later. Next job is to get him MOT'd and then out for a drive or two to blow off the cobwebs - literally!
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