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  1. Not a huge fan of the S-class, but if Mrs J allowed it, I'd have a W124 280TE in a heartbeat. From the era when Mercs were bulletproof. A chairman at a former employer had one, was a great car, I think when the dealer asked about options he just said 'yes'. I liked him, he let me have his Mk2 16v GTI (big bumper, natch) as my company car.
  2. I have a B&D KA900E. Works well at removing material although it has a fixed arm and a larger head/handle so can be awkward at times trying to get the right position to do the job. I usually get a load of zirconia belts off eBay as the B&D belts last no time at all. https://www.blackanddecker.co.uk/en-gb/products/power-tools/sanders/350w-powerfile-belt-sander--3-accessories/ka900e HTH
  3. Halfords. I have had their set for years now, gets a decent amount of use for a hobbyist and no issues at all.
  4. If it was a piece of computer tech, the IT salesman would describe it as a 'feature'. I am now worried as my brakes don't squeal, should I run it into my OPC for a quick check and see if they can add some?
  5. Swap the mackerel for maple syrup and that probably appears on a US diner menu somewhere.
  6. Agree with most of the comments above, more Edd / Ant and less Mike. Favourite TV show like this at the mo is Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars, just feels less forced, otherwise it's online stuff that shows how stuff gets done.
  7. I have the Ryobi, and it's been fine most of the time. I did have one nut that was very stubborn and I struggled to move it even with a breaker bar and a length of scaffold pipe - I won in the end!! I have a few of the Ryobi One bits and they have all been pretty good for my needs.
  8. Thanks Mark and Matthew, this is helpful. Managed to get the mirror glass off, FWIW, it's a 3 pronged mount that is levered off, not the later locking ring type, and have removed the motor unit for testing. Also managed to drop the mirror, so will need to get a replacement
  9. Had the car out for a run on Friday - lockdown therapy - and noticed the drivers side (RHD) wing mirror isn't working properly. It goes up and down when I want it to, but also goes up and down when I try to move it in/out. Pax side works as it should so wondered if anyone knew what might be going awry before I start stripping bits off. Thanks Kevin
  10. Terrific work there, young Les. It's great when you have a bit of time to work through issues and always a great feeling when you can improve things. Is the Fox still doing food through the serving hatch?
  11. 34. 3.2 Targa. 911Virgin. 12k. 1999. Fan belt snapped on the way home travelling around the M25 in the rain, car finally died as I rolled onto my drive - got me home, so perfect!
  12. I watched ECOTY and it ended up mostly playing to itself as I chatted with my daughter. I learned very little about the cars, or the reason for their choices, other than the Fezza had snatchy brakes, the McLaren had the best steering and the BMW was a manual. Of the finalists, the BMW was judged the best all rounder hence it's victory, which about half an hour before was the reason for kicking the Porsche Turbo S into the long grass. The McLaren also had a harsh on road ride, whilst apparently also being very supple...? It was a bit all over the place. Agree with TC, too little on the car
  13. If it's the boots you need, I have 2 of the newer ones, as Les describes, sitting in the garage. Yours for the cost of postage.
  14. OK, someone needs to help me here. F342DOM is a valuable private plate? Other than the fairly narrow market of people named Fred/Frank/Francesca Bazdom, what's it supposed to read?? Does look like a nice car though, like the colour combo.
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