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  1. Good work. As Jevvy says, straight lines for clay and I was advised to clay along the lines of the car, ie front to back motion and not across the car. Tape is also a good recommendation. I don't do they valet thing often as mine is a rough old fella, but it is pretty satisfying to see the effort pay off.
  2. Assume you live just outside Basingstoke but took a quick run along the scenic route to get home? Very tidy looking car, enjoy it. And welcome.
  3. Thanks Shirish. MIne is the original (I assume) all plastic version, which means some modding is needed for the replacement version you have. But I can then tell people I have a modded 911, so all good. Let me know how much you want for the part. Thanks also for the links, helpful with explaining what it does and the modding process too.
  4. My ACV is making buzzing noises, which I understand means it's toast. It's the little plastic valve that is connected to and sits next to the oil tank, mounted to the body. I am not sure exactly what it does, but the valve apparently opens when the car warms up, when it stops buzzing. Also stops buzzing if you blip the throttle. Question is can it be deleted without ill effects? The replacement part is different, so needs a different mount and has different diameter connectors which means I will need some modifications for the connected pipes to fit as well. Cheers Kevin
  5. I wasn't sure I would ever be able to contribute to this thread! Took the car for a fill up with fresh fuel and to spend some time sitting in traffic during the local school run A few more runs to blow the cobwebs off needed but what great cars these are
  6. Doesn't @BenC run 15's on his? He might have a view.
  7. And the Lord said let there be light. And lo, the man did bow his hid under the dash and re-attach all the wires for, verily, he had stripped the switch and rebuilt it in it's own image. The man had cleaned the plug and made the connections true, for when he did secure the positive and negative leads to the battery, there appeared a heavenly glow ahead of him, as if lighting his path to salvation. The man praised the heavens and the heavens responded in kind by showering him with water so he could move to shelter and bask in the work that the Lord had found for him. The man was certain the Lord would find further work for him, probably the lumpy tickover for starters, and the man knew that this truly was a compassionate Lord. Here endeth the thread.
  8. Depends if you favour looks or longevity. When I had mine cleaned up, I put a coat of epoxy on them. Car hasn’t had a lot of road use since so can’t really say one way or the other about durability other than the epoxy is supposed to be pretty tough and I take the view that something is better than nothing. Also, appreciate the comments on the BH product and rubber, as I will be using a fair amount in the next few months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I like the clean and strip discs, I've found them really good at this type of job.
  10. If it’s standard body, you may find 7’s rub on the front and may need to roll the arches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. All the best people started on a Chipper, Doc!!
  12. I am not sure EV will win out. I think fuel cells are the way to go, but what do I know. I am also not sure peak oil will be the challenge. WIth EV's consuming rare earth metals, unless the technology changes or recycling rates improve dramatically, it may be doomed. EV's are also competing with phones, etc. for these resources. As some have touched on above, a properly re-thought integrated transport system would have some real promise. Much as we increasingly don't own stuff anymore, its subscription/renting of music, films, etc., mainstream car ownership can go the same way. I only really use the full space of our 4x4 on holidays, tip runs and uni runs, so probably less than 10% of the time. The rest of the time, at most it's just me, Mrs J and the dog. So paying X per month for a car, and then maybe a surcharge for a larger car would work for me and it's not a million miles away from what most people do already with leasing/PCP, etc, so an easier pitch to the 'we don't like change' brigade.
  13. Both bulbs are OK as can get them to light up by applying power at the fuse box. Have looked at the indicator switch and it is: Usual position High beam Flash Do these look correct or is something wrong? I have also removed and stripped the main light switch, nothing obviously wrong or broken. Will clean it up and test it to see if I can identify what might be wrong. Cheers Kevin
  14. Thanks chaps, have to be careful when dealing with this electrickery witchcraft stuff.
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