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  1. The fronts are pretty easy to reset to give you more adjustment, assuming it's not all rusted together. Support the car at the required height, remove the adjuster bolt. Pull on the end cap and either that will come off or it will bring the torsion bar with it. Rotate to give you more adjustment, push back in, re-install adjuster and continue. HTH. Looks good though and sounds as though mostly how you want it from the test drive.
  2. Popped along to this earlier having been to the ones held at the Excel in previous years. My advice: Take your ticket money, put some petrol in your car and go for a drive instead.
  3. Fuchs915

    Lock tumblers

    Dave@dubkeys.com might be able to help.
  4. Excellent work there, Shirish. Well done!
  5. ...and if it's the same as the 3.2 bearing, it's the same as a BMW part so might save yourself a few pennies.
  6. Did one of mine a few months back on my 3.2. Pretty straightforward in the end, despite my best efforts to screw it up. Will get the other one done over the next couple of months. As Les says, getting the hub nut off was the challanging bit but sorted with a big breaker bar and a length of scaffold tube.
  7. Do you need 4 or can you spin the car around with just 2? If I bought dollies, and I was thinking about getting some last year, I was going to buy the SGS ones FWIW.
  8. Fuchs915

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    That looks like a similar approach one of the guys at Karmann Konnection is taking with a 911, there have been some posts on FB. Not sure I'd want to be in it if it hit anything though! OP, welcome to IB and like the sound of what you are doing, keep us posted on how the car evolves.
  9. Like others have experienced, I had little joy with Autotrader. Sold our old XC90 and a Fiat 500 through eBay. Had one sale fall through so had to relist the XC90, but wasn't too bad just took a couple of extra weeks before it was off the drive. You'll still probably get silly offers from traders and the like on eBay, but easy enough to deal with. Depending on car and how quick you want it gone, I have friends who have used webuyanycar. They were happy to take a lower price for speed of sale and all seemed relatively happy with the way it went.
  10. Well, that escalated quickly! Good news on the quick sale. Such a great car, I am sure you'll miss it but there comes a time, etc etc.... Plenty of stuff to choose from with a bit of cash in your pocket. As WC says, you know you'll always of plenty on here to give you lots of advice about what to buy, whether you want the advice or not. Soooo, to get the ball rolling, why not just rent a place with space for 8 cars? Then you don't have to part with all the lovelies, just add to them. It really is quite simple if you ignore some of the realities.
  11. Mrs J has been told minimum double garage for the next house. Actually, I am not too fussed if a house comes with it I am (slowly) building a kit car in the garage otherwise that is where the IB would be. Thanks for the suggestion for the interior, nice and simple - like it. Using the car more would also help...
  12. MIne sits on the drive under a cover, bought at Goodwood Revival 3-4 years ago. It's one of the stormproof jobbies, multilayer, breathable types. Gets some condensation on the bodywork, but nothing major. Car is not a minter so I am less concerned about the paintwork as it will need re-doing at some stage. Car is sprayed with Bilt Hamber protection stuff underneath and engine gets a liberal spray with GT-85 from time to time (most recently on Saturday in fact). Wheels are waxed as is the bodywork. Only area that I feel needs something extra is the interior, to stop it getting damp and mouldy. That said, it has been OK so far, with no major signs of unwanted greenery.
  13. Thanks Roy, it was more a question of how much it needs to be adjusted. I can't seem to find any reference info for how far off the stop it should be with the pedal on the floor. I still need to check the WOT gubbins to see if/when it is signalling the DME for the extra oomph map so will start playing with adjustment next weekend and check the WOT unit at the same time. Cheers Kevin.
  14. Been trying to sort out my idle speed today, turning the screw a few time only made a small difference however it's better than it was so OK for now. Whist having a general look around, I noticed than when 'pedal is to the metal' the throttle arm sits a decent distance from the the stop (see below pic). Is this too much gap? I can't find anything on setting max throttle so thought I would consult the IB mind. If it does need adjusting, can this done at the pedal or am I back under the car? Ta.
  15. Latest episode of GT was very poor. Thats all I have to say on the matter. I am enjoying The Repair Shop and Junk and Disorderly more - maybe an age thing....
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