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  1. Works is a bit like this over the summer for me, it gets a bit quieter. That said for the car, I have a dodgy fuel sender/gauge to sort out, leaky return tubes to replace, wheel refurb underway, seats being sewn back together and a front end repanel project to mull over. Will be posting as things get started and progress. Stay tuned 😉
  2. A 595? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202105082379456?year-to=2021&min-engine-power=150&maximum-mileage=50000&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&make=ABARTH&price-from=6000&price-to=8000&advertising-location=at_cars&include-delivery-option=on&postcode=ss71lh&page=1
  3. Another thumbs up here, entertaining and very informative. Who else knew before this what the tracks in the field were for? Another series would be great although, as JC has pointed out, it takes a while to film and hasn’t been signed off yet.
  4. Fuchs915


    Welcome and good luck with the search. Any particular reason you are looking at Targas only? As a Targa owner myself, if I did it all again, I’d go for a coupe with a sunroof. And probably keep the Targa as well
  5. Little bit of an update. Fronts are being a pain. This is after multiple slatherings with the paint strip. It's very slow going and I am not sure I have the patience to finish these with the paint strip so may look to get them cleaned up by a local blaster or drop them into local metal place to get them fully anodised.
  6. I sent my ecu away last year and had it overhauled. I’ll dig out who it went to. Very good service. Edit: It was ATP Electronics 👍🏼 They’ll test it first for a fee.
  7. We've been meaning to get the drive sorted out for a while, it's been upside down since we moved in and it really doesn't help with jobs like this. At least the milkman has got used to it now and only smashes the occasional bottle when he sometimes falls off.
  8. Rear wheels done - Synstryp certainly does the job! Most of the paint off with first application. The rears are original Fuchs and date from 1988 so some pretty old paint. I’d put another 2-3 layers on over the years so was pretty pleased how well it ate through it all. Had a couple of areas to spot treat after the 1st application and then a wipe over with thinners to finish them. I bought 2 litres of Synstryp but didn’t use very much at all in stripping 2 wheels. Here they are after 1st application. An easy and satisfying DIY job (although the pleasure may have more to do with all the fumes from the stripper and thinners). Onto the fronts and then some new boots - lots of tread left but getting on a bit so time to replace.
  9. My wheels have had a couple of DIY cheapo spray can efforts over the years and I am now thinking of taking all the paint off and running them bare for a while. I have somewhere local who does a good Aqua blast but thought I would check in to see how others had gone about it. I am not sure any of my wheels are original so ££ downside is limited. Thanks! Then I can think about tyres!!
  10. 1/10th turn based on 1mm thread pitch?
  11. Hi Les, You shouldn't need to as setting per the markings on the tool should give the 'perfect' gap, assuming your adjuster and/or rocker aren't fubar'd. Note what I said about the adjuster sometimes moving when you secure the lock nut but this should be obvious from the tool. You simply look at how much it moved beyond the set mark and re-do it compensating for that when you do the set up. Nothing to stop you checking them with a feeler gauge after you've had a play, do each one while you are there for peace of mind. Good luck! KJ
  12. To close this out, as the unit wasn't working properly, the glass was broken and one of the mounting points on the housing was stripped, I bought a complete secondhand wing mirror with intact glass. Top tip - the 924 mirrors are the same as the early 911 flags and are a bit cheaper. It was the wrong colour, the guy had just sold his last black one so when it arrived, I stripped it down and gave it a scrub and a blast of black paint. Needs redoing as paint reacted but it will do for now. Put the new housing on, 3 screws only and you don't need to touch the door loom, replacement motor unit on and connected up, attached heater wires to glass and press on - et voila! all back together and glass moves as it should. Motor is a bit noisy but I'll see if a bit of lube helps when I repaint the housing. For now, it's good to go.
  13. Enjoyed the day, nice mix of cars, standard and modded. And great to catch up with some familiar faces and some new. Hope you got home OK Fraser. And I think your camera is broken, I look a bit tubby in that picture, which can't be right Was good to get my old banger old for a half decent run, although now have a fuel sender/gauge issue to investigate and a bit of sunburn to treat.
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