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Oh Dear. What have I done...


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2 minutes ago, Wingnonut said:

Early chrome bumper  C3 Covette convertible?

My dad is trying to persuade me that I should get a tri power big block 69-73 chrome bumper corvette from the states as they're a good investment. At 550bhp the 58 corvette I race and drive on the road gives plenty of V8 thrills and my wife always says im trying to poison her with the fumes LOL.

this is an interesting thread. The remorse is subsiding in consideration of the options I have to replace the Porsche.

still love the idea 996 turbo, but I need to do my homework a little bit on those. Someone suggested an Aston Vantage, but at £595 road tax and non-classic insurance, that is expensive upkeep for a toy.

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13 minutes ago, chodosh said:

Yes Please ! Love the Tigers... afraid they have probably escaped too far up the market to find anything at decent money but worth checking out. nice and easy to maintain also.

Ah..not exactly sure how much you want to spend  but..you may need to look in the US and import one by the looks of it

I had a Mk IV Alpine with the 1725 Holbay engine and it was pretty quick and loud ..also was something a bit different



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Agree the 289 looks way better than the pumped up version, much more like the original AC Ace. Fraser Nash is very desirable but out of my reach now I'm afraid, as is the Riley MPH. Could build a vintage special, my Father always fancied a Stutz Bearcat!.....Oil drum gas tank on the rear, monacle windshield, no doors.....fantastic!


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Plenty of choice in the Esprit world.  Guy at work had a twin turbo V8 for a few years, that was mental fast.  It actually felt well put together too, something I wasn't expecting for some reason.  Though paranoia set in and he sold it after only putting a few thousand miles on it.

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On 21/02/2018 at 12:06 PM, RichD1 said:

Not about what to buy, but the wheel finish. I'm just about to have my SSE wheels done, are the ones shown in this thread factory standard finish?


Hi Rich, 

The factory finish would be anodised, so something like a brushed metal look. Mine are heavily polished, but are 'raw' meaning they are not lacquered and therefore require a fair degree of maintenance to keep them looking sharp. The alloy will naturally want to tarnish, pit and dull unless kept well polished or covered in vaseline when the car is laid up. 

I personally prefer polished, but each to their own. 

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I'm lucky enough to have two "toys"  in the garage and alongside the IB is this little BMW. It's quite a rare car (only 73 RHD made) and combines the M Roadster body with the legendary S54 engine from the E46 M3. 325 creamy horsepower from a non turbo straight six allied to a small light body makes for an interesting and really enjoyable drive. Definitely a contender to replace your Supersport

They have gone up in value but I think they are still worth a punt especially in the more numerous S50 version. Have a look at Pistonheads adverts where there's a few for sale. 

Some say the M Roadster is the new AC Cobra! It's certainly quicker!!


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