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  1. BenC

    Alex's 3.6 Engine Transplant

    A decent condition 915 is plenty usable with a 3.6 I reckon. It’s all old tech isn’t it really, so as long as you don’t gear change like it’s a hire car then jobs a goodun
  2. BenC

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Congratulations Phill! you deserve to be proper chuffed with yourself! I’ve really enjoyed following your progress with this build 👍
  3. BenC

    Spa Classic 2019

  4. BenC

    Spa Classic 2019

    I'm interested - going to check the dates again to see if they fit with work. if out that way then I would like to do the Ring. shame to to get on track at Spa as well if we're already out there! Perhaps I'm trying to do too much and what I'm after really is a Spa trackway and then with the Ring? what's the N500?!
  5. BenC

    905kg? Really possible?

    As Mark says - once you have the noise sorted it can be a nice place to be in a light weight IB. managed to get my car down to 940kgs at one point, but up a bit since then with the heating being plumbed back in. Also finally have seats that are comfy for long drives but also great on track. Biggest thing I did to improve cabin time was custom made ear plugs from these guys: https://www.ultimateear.com/products/driver-comm-motorsport-custom-earpieces- It meant that my brain wasn't melted after a long journey, in fact, with them being so good you don't need them to be loud at all.
  6. BenC

    Le Mans Classic 6,7th July 2019

    oh tits! I was looking forward to that between kids and work I've completely lost track of what year it is!!!
  7. I am determined to get more time with the IB and on track this year, after a bit of a car no show last year. Anyone planning an IB trip to Classic this year? https://www.lemansclassic.com/language/en/2019-le-mans-calendar/ Would also like to do Spa and a spin round the Ring at some point!
  8. BenC

    Oulton RS day 2019

    Bugger - missed this completely otherwise I would have booked a place. Gutted not to be there this year
  9. BenC

    Spa Classic 2019

    I'm interested all options! haven't been in the SC enough this year so keen to plan more for next
  10. BenC

    Spa Classic 2019

    anyone more thoughts on this?
  11. BenC

    Spa Classic 2019

    out on the 17th May? back on the 20th? only thing is I don't do ferrys! could well be up for it though
  12. BenC

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Keep going Phill! 👍
  13. BenC

    Nige's Backdating Project

    does look great and credit to you Nige for getting it done so quickly
  14. BenC

    Narrow body arch liners for IB 911

    Hi Matt, i’ll have those please. Will pm later. Thanks ben
  15. BenC

    IBs in use thread 2018

    I need to get out in my SC more - I miss it!