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  1. I bought some rubber sheet to either add to or remake the rubber seal/skirt bit. easier than tweeting the sheet metal maybe?
  2. BenC

    Oulton RS day 2019

    hope everyone has a great time
  3. Thanks Mark, Cadwell Park date looks good - will see if I can make that date work. You up for it? Also had a Snetterton 300 email through this morning - reasonably priced (for them) at £250ish, think that was end of this month and not sure I can make that one though...
  4. sounds interesting - will drop you a message. Thanks Rich
  5. might finally spray the rear bumper the same colour as the rest of the car! lightweight starter to go on - I've had it years, moved house twice since I bought it. bought some arch liners a while back so think it's worth fitting those, certainly the rear ones. At some point there is some bodywork that needs doing, was supposed to be done over the winter but the garage it was booked in to had other ideas. after that then a 964 heated front screen. need to make a new rear screen again as mine's a bit misty, then fit with new rubbers. Think I have nearly all the bits for the Boxster break conversion so can do that at some point so not much really! I will pick of the small stuff easy enough now I have the car here and just drive it - then think bodywork again at the end of the summer. What I would really like to do is get some more track time this year, I've really missed it Fortunately it always photographs well, it is actually a bit of a mess and in need of some TLC! Thanks mate
  6. Finally the silver bullet broke cover today for the first time in nearly a year! just brilliant to be back behind the wheel. forgot how small these cars are compared to the old Discovery I've been driving for work!!! It's still as bonkers rapid as I remember it and I can't wait to be back in it again, especially now it's made it to it's new home. MOT booked for next week then a full service and bring on the sunny weather
  7. seem to remember that the ali plates that Henry made don't weigh much different to the big steel one that came off, but they also add more protection over a greater area and smooth the air out under the car.
  8. BenC

    Oulton RS day 2019

    Thanks Jev, Things are pretty tight at the mo so don't think I can make that day anyway. Might finally be getting the IB back home shortly though so really looking forward to that :)
  9. Have you managed to give it a proper drive yet or are you waiting for the final tuning?
  10. It looks bloody amazing!!! Think venting through the inner wing is a neat solution as well. Considering all that you have done I don't think that is too expensive really. Great work mate
  11. exciting mate - be great to get it all back together and running again! bring on some decent weather.....
  12. So excited for you Phill, Can't wait for you to get it done and it's not even my car!!!
  13. nice work mate - will all be worth it in the end
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