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  1. I know a few on here have other types of Porsche, so thought I'd advertise these. I had these on my 993, then last year swapped back on the original Targa wheels - which I now prefer. I had these completely refurbed by Chris at Excel Wheels and they haven't been on a car since. They are completely mint perfect condition. The will come with winter tyres on, centre caps and with 4 individual wheel covers - great for peace of mind when not on the car. They were in decent condition before the refurb but now they are better than new!! Wheels are in Marlow, Bucks. Happy for you to collect from here or I can meet you at the M40 / M4 junctions if that helps. £1450.00 ono Please feel free to message me for info or give me a call/ text on 07889553704 Ben IMG_8512 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8503 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8502 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8500 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8499 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8498 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8497 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8493 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8492 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8489 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8487 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8485 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8484 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8483 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8481 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8480 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8479 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr IMG_8484 by BEN COTTMAN, on Flickr
  2. Hi Mark, I'm up for this, dates permitting. just checked and looks clear enough around the 9th Nov for work at the moment. Any thoughts on travel, dates? Although I am as keen BA Baracus is about flying when it comes to travelling anywhere on a ferry
  3. Mark - I'm up for both of those if dates work. Is the Zandvoort date live yet?
  4. nice Mark! Looking forward to getting back there this year if the opportunity arises. Had a great time their last time
  5. morning Twinny, I'm missing some track time - fancy getting Snet dates going for this year so we have something to look forward to?!
  6. BenC

    Sill Oil Lines

    I thought about fitting the same as one of mine has a slight crush in it - but the front mounted oil cooler does a great job.
  7. BenC

    Sill Oil Lines

    Kenny - did you get the ER ones from the States? or in the UK? I remember looking at those a while a go
  8. haven't seen that, always love a track car conversion so will have a search for it. I certainly can't afford 2 track cars, but would like a 993 engine to go in the SC!!
  9. passed it's MOT a coupe of weeks ago and an early arrival at Northway this morning for a full service, decent brake fluid and some TLC. forgot just how effortless the acceleration is on these lightweight 3.6s - no lag, just get up and go love it!!
  10. liking the idea of those rear arches - is it a standard narrow car rear axle with spacers to push out the wheels? do you have to remove a lot of the existing arches?
  11. I bought some rubber sheet to either add to or remake the rubber seal/skirt bit. easier than tweeting the sheet metal maybe?
  12. BenC

    Oulton RS day 2019

    hope everyone has a great time
  13. Thanks Mark, Cadwell Park date looks good - will see if I can make that date work. You up for it? Also had a Snetterton 300 email through this morning - reasonably priced (for them) at £250ish, think that was end of this month and not sure I can make that one though...
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