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  1. Thanks everyone - will update once sorted👍
  2. That sounds perfect. Thanks for checking. just checked and it’s £194.39 minus delivery now .......
  3. Thanks - I've just searched on there and 'no products matching my search' - but I think it's more their site being rubbish than they don't have it. Any chance you have a parts number? Thanks mate - sadly similar issues with mine. Full main beam is a luxury rather than a guaranteed option!!! usually the lights just turn off which isn't ideal at night
  4. Am after a new indicator stalk for my SC - think it's finally worn out! What have you got on the shelf? Thanks Ben
  5. BenC

    Ben at Goodwood

    Thanks for these Mark, Was a great day, but too slippy for max attack! A yellow GT3 became quite 'second hand' as a result of the conditions...
  6. Had the last bike lid for 20+ years! So figured it was worth treating myself for the next 20!!!! am on the look out to book more track time - will keep you posted 👍
  7. Nothing in them mate - just directs the noise downwards
  8. First track day in ages and loved it! Car went great all day and the thrashing around circuit freed up the stuck fuel gauge! (had forgotten how crap the headlights were! had forgotten how offset the accelerator pedal is! had forgotten how crap the wipers are! but none of those mattered anyway!) had some exhaust bits made a while back as had previously been cautioned on drive by noise limits. Car registered at 102Db static and no issues with drive by at all happy days!
  9. what a superb day! really enjoyed being back on track and catching up with you guys. Need to book another one now!
  10. Am leaving now. Man at the Angel tonight if anyone fancies a pint 😁
  11. I’ve booked garage 25 for us for tomorrow 👍
  12. Sorry to hear that Chris. I contacted them them about a garage. None available. Just had a call as a garage had freed up so I’ve booked one for us at £30 👍
  13. Think 888s are the best upgrade for a track day as a starting point - once up to temp they give you so much 'get out of jail' (to be clear - my track day altercation with a wall was due to a distinct lack of talent, not to tyre choice!!)
  14. I'm booked at Snet. At room booked at The Angel! very much looking forward to it!
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