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  1. It’s certainly a lot of money! not for me.
  2. That’s the one. reckon you can only buy it through Porsche direct?
  3. Not for me, but for a mate. I can’t see it for sale anywhere online after a quick search. It’s the single DIN unit he’s after. The classic, retro looking thing with SATNAV in the middle. think they might be releasing a newer updated version maybe? any clues?! thanks Ben
  4. Dear all, sorry for the delay - I’ve had to isolate so everything has been on hold. All ok now though (6 negative tests in a row!) will be sending stuff ASAP next week apologies for the delay all the best Ben
  5. BenC

    Replica fuchs

    have had a lot of people think they were original ones. bare in mind that I sprayed them 'back to front' with the silver over the black (I bought them black) Think this is the company on eBay: Maxilite Fuchs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Fuchs-16x8-Wheel-NEW-Maxilite-TUV-approved-ET10-6-MATTE-BLACK-Finish/282745803106?hash=item41d4f69162:g:bWYAAOSw2gxYzDJY I thought they were in Europe - they did a decent deal on postage when I bought all 4 They are heavier than orginal - but I think they are the best looking as the petals aren't square edged etc
  6. BenC

    Replica fuchs

    I’ve got copies on the SC and I think they are the best I could find at the time will dig out the name of the supplier.
  7. Could you post a link to the thread please thank you 😁
  8. Looks awesome. can you copy and paste the full write up from DDK please 😁👍
  9. Have now accumulated a mountain of card and packing materials from this weeks Amazon deliveries so I'll start wrapping and sending stuff out, probably all go out on Saturday morning 👍 Someone make me an offer for the floor mats, torsion bars and the black seat mounts please! (have 4 pairs of seats mounts somehow!)
  10. Of course mate. will put them to one side for you, then we can figure out getting to you. Ben
  11. Thanks Paul, thought as much - I'm sure there used to be someone on IB who worked with them, think he had a red targa same as mine. That's a good shout - had forgotten about RPM, thanks
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