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IB Bikers: show your toys

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@Lund - great garage! I nearly had a job with HD as a the community liaison guy, organising runs and hog roasts etc to keep people in the brand and sell bikes. That was in the 90s - I went on a week's hols before starting and they gave it to a friend of the MD instead. Would have been fun.

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On 4/18/2020 at 11:20 AM, Chris_911 said:

My last bike - great except for the low speed fuelling.

The Aussie Staintune exhaust was a great if expensive addition. Really made it sound V8-like.




I managed over 50k miles commuting on my 2002 VFR and nearly 40k on my 2006. Lived them (and the FJ & FK versions before I started commuting).

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17 minutes ago, runnersp said:

Staintune pipes are the best in the business, gorgeous and bulletproof. Unfortunately the company is going under. :(

That's a shame. They were beautifully made.

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A real shame, they'd been looking for a buyer for a while (they even posted a 'company for sale' ad on their website). I'd been thinking about one for my GS, unfortunately not being e-Marked is now a massive no-no.

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On 4/13/2020 at 8:50 PM, proporsche said:

here is mine

vespa cleaan.jpg

Some lovely bikes being shown off but this is my favourite.

I shall clean my daily (ish) and put up a photo. As you might imagine with me it's a bit of a bitsa, tinkering, project toy.

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This thread has sent me down memory lane, I used to be cool...






I miss that bike, I really want to buy another one, unfortunately low prices and a somewhat brittle engine means that finding any solid ones is a complete nightmare. Most fell in to the hands of impressionable 18 year-olds, attracted by the comically low official power rating which meant they could get on one after their 125s, unfortunately they are extremely highly strung and the chassis didn't suffer fools lightly so most ended up wrapped around trees or have sneezed a piston or two.

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My R1150RT twin spark at Conway's Bar in Rathmelton, County Donegal. Good times at home in Eire with Tuthills on the Donegal Rally.


RT rathmelton.jpg


RT in Middelburg, Belgium en route to Zandvoort with EB Motorsport:


RT Venlo.jpg


RT in Quimper - heading off to find crepes (not hard).


RT Quimper.jpg


Another RT crepe hunt, this time in Mont St Michel last year. Middle daughter Ciara always ready for crepes/galettes...


RT MSM.jpg

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Don't all laugh at once. Started life as a 1998 Suzuki TU250XV. Now it's a rusty bitsa which is loud and uncomfortable after 8 miles :lol: I only use it to get to and from work......if I really have to.



Looks a lot nicer in the pictures actually.....

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Phill, I really don't know what to say, laugh or cry. I kinda like it....... 

runnersp I also love those pictures! Supermoto racing is fan-bloody-tastic! Perhaps somebody could invent something similar for cars. Some on road, some loose surface, perhaps call it.... I don't know.... 'autocross' perhaps. It would be great! Nah, never happen. 😉



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